Lee & Jaime Burton

Lee & Jaime Burton with their two children
When we got home from work to discover an invitation to climb Kilimanjaro for charity, excitement brewed in the house and within 30 seconds the great debate began as to which of us should do the trip or whether we could fund for both of us AND organise child care.  After much discusion, both going, both not and then one of us going - finally we are both putting on our boots so we can strike off this challenge from our 'to do list'.  Afterall, would we ever get around to it?

We immediately started to look at fundraising and deciding on a charity.  We have raised money for lots of charities before but decided to join most of the team in supporting the Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund - especially as its 'local' and in need of a raise in profile.

We are aware that the challenge is going to be very tough, mentally and physically; day after day of trudging up a hill, but I am looking forward to the challenge and aware we have the support of the team and various local businesses and specialists.  It will also be a good year for the charity!! Now, time to shed some pounds and get training!!

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