Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 5: Shira Camp To Barranco Camp

The Lucky 13 at Shira Camp
By Bethany Ansell

Today The Lucky 13 climbed from Shira Camp at 3850m to Barranco Camp at 3950m and the guides from Private Expeditions have confirmed that they all arrived safe and well.

This is one of the hardest days as they may be starting to feel the effects of the altitude. For this reason, the route follows a "climb high, sleep low" strategy which helps to prepare the body for the reaching the summit.

So even though our climbers started at 3850m and finished at 3950m today, in the interim they climbed to Lava Tower at 4600m for lunch before descending to their camp for the night.

Lava Tower at 4600m
According to our friends at Private Expeditions, it's meat and two veg for din dins tonight with a soup starter and fruit for pudding.

They will need the energy because tomorrow they must conquer the Great Barranco Wall, which is one of the biggest challenges of the route. More on this later...

In the meantime, here's a little treat for you - enjoy!

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