Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thank You From Tommy

By Tommy Lillington

Ok so the time has come to depart and head off to that mountain - what a year it has been! When I reflect on 2013 I remember back to that first meeting when I saw faces around the table that I had never seen before - not realising how quickly these people would become my friends. I remember the hours and hours we have spent walking the amazing Dorset coast as well as the fundraising events where we met wonderful people who found time to come along and support our wonderful charity.

Most of all though I remember the laughter. I have laughed a lot over the last year and that's the great thing about hiking - you can still enjoy banter while you train. I have to say though; the reason for this article is not just for reflection, it is also for me to say a few thank yous and (at risk of this now sounding like an acceptance speech) I will now do so...

Firstly I want to thank all my friends who have put up with my endless Facebook posts and sponsorship pleas over the last 12 months - thanks guys for following my journey.

I want to thank those of you who have supported our chosen charity; whether through attending and supporting fundraising events or through your very kind donations - thank you so much.

I want to thank each and everyone of my fellow climbers who have had to put with Tommy Lillington in their lives for 12 months. It's been a roller coaster but we are here and as ready as we can ever be.

Thank you Bethany for blogging my updates over the last 12 months. You are doing this as a good friend of the climbing group and I just want you to know that it is really appreciated.

I would also like to thank Jack Daniels for kicking off this whole crazy idea and without whom none of this would have happened. I want you to know that your hard work throughout the year is really appreciated - thank you Jack.

Lastly I want to say my biggest thank you to my amazing family; my two amazing boys who have had to put up with Dads ramblings for the last year but never complained and have given great support to their old man. To hear both of them tell me how proud they are makes me want to burst - thank you boys I love you very much.

Now onto my biggest thank my wonderful wife who has been there for me for the whole year. Thank you for coming on training walks with me, kicking my arse when needed and providing emotional backup all the way. Natasha Lillington you are the most wonderful person and I thank and love you so much. I promise you that you will get me back in 2014 - thank you xxx

Thanks again everyone wish me luck and I will see you on the other side :-) 

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