Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 2: Rest Day In Moshi

By Bethany Ansell

Our climbers arrived in Moshi yesterday and spent the night in Sal Salinero Hotel. Today they have been relaxing and preparing to start up the mountain tomorrow.

The photo above was taken by the guides at Private Expeditions, and you can follow their blog here

This morning, Lee Burton said: "Breakfast done, then climb brief kits check then hydration hydration hydration ready for tomorrow morning." Meanwhile Carole Landon said she was feeling 'momentarily relaxed.'

A Few Words From Al Murray:

After a nervous morning of last minute packing/panicking the time came to leave for Dorchester to meet with the team.

An anxious bus ride later and we all arrived at Heathrow. A swift check in then time came for some pre flight beers.

A long over night flight to Doha, with a very dodgy landing we had just enough time to connect to our next flight to Dar Es Salaam.

At which point we where flown on to Mount Kilimanjaro airport where we where met by a blast of heat and the exped team (Arsenal fans).

A short bumpy bus ride later we have arrived at the hotel! So basically, a very long flight got to catch a very long flight after which we caught a very short flight. After that a bus trip then dinner.

We had the climb brief this morning. Our bags are packed and we are ready to rock and roll! Looking forward to it.

To sponsor Al Murray, click here. In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from today...

Ben Wain doing a bit of mountain reading
The afternoon pre-climb coffee club (Ben Wain, Tim Emberley,
Al Murray, Jane Massey and Tommy Lillington)
The coffee club and Lambie 
Ben Wain and Tim Emberley in what they call 'the man pad'
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