Tommy Lillington

From left: Tommy, Charlotte and Jack
at the halfway point of their first training
walk on the coast. 
I must be completely mad!! On completing the 3 peaks last year I swore I'd never look at let alone climb another mountain again. So what changed? Why do I find myself agreeing to what will be the most physically and mentally challenging adventure of my life?

I blame Jack Daniels who contacted me and asked if I would do this challenge with him and raise awareness and funds for the Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund.  I'm a great believer in going with your gut reaction and I have to say whilst my head said 'no' every other part of me said 'go for it'.  Just the thought of doing it excited me and before even having the the chance to discuss it further with him, I found myself saying YES.
Within one day I had dug out and dusted off all the walking gear and was walking the Dorset coast yet again.

That was it, I was back in training and within a week we had arranged a small group walk with Jack, Charlotte and James.

This was from Lulworth Cove past Durdle Door up the very steep Swyre Head hill past Bats Head and onto White Nothe and back again which is a total of 10k. This was Jack's first proper hike and bless him he was shattered but kept going. It must have been the herbal tea he kept drinking!  I tried some and I have to say it was disgusting at first but it did grow on me! But hey it got him back so there must be something in it!

Both Charlotte and James are clearly very fit and whilst Jack and I were puffing like steam trains at the back, they looked like they were out for a Sunday afternoon stroll! Training walk one completed .

When we had our first proper get together as a group it was nice to finally  put faces to names. Lots of questions ensued, some of which were aimed my way, mainly I guess because I did the Three Peaks last year.  I was more than happy to answer them, but I have to say I'm no expert and certainly not in climbing at altitude. It looks like we have a good mix of personalities whom I'm sure will get on really well and I'm really looking forward to training with them and getting to know them better and engaging in cheeky banter.

That's all for now - watch this space.

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