Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Saturday Morning Training Walk

Saturday morning. A small group of the team met at our house to start a training warm up of bacon and sausage sarnies. Tommy was in need, after all he had a Friday night with a few drinks clearly forgetting his age. Then the four of us - Tommy, Jack, Jaime and moi, set off on a more gentle but longer round robin around Dorset. Not hitting the altitude but making sure we put miles and hours on our feet.

A few hills thrown in for good measure but none good enough for Sir Daniels who continued to chunter on his way around. The weather was excellent, better than expected. 3 hours, 10.5 miles and plenty of banter all the way around with each individual being systematically bullied through one form or another. I think I won the overall Jaime 'F-off' requests.

Tommy managed to pass all three of his shirt front sponsors on the trip so they know they are getting value for money and he is putting his miles in.

Rounded off with a cuppa on our patio and some forward planning.

Until the next walk.

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