Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Race Night

By Lee Burton

Saturday night saw the 'Race Night' (16th March 2013) which was held at Weymouth Football Club.  Weymouth Football club kindly let us have the venue for free!!

The event was supported by another charity team, the Windy 500 crew, who despite an offer of some of the money, turned it down leaving the pot all to ourselves.  They supplied the horse models and knowledge and Spooky Blackmore’s expertise with the horse racing.  A raffle was also held with a large number of prizes donated by people and local businesses.  The night was a success and we left at the end of the evening with a grand total of £894.00.

I have been busy organising the link between the charity and another local fundraising project, Scarlett’s Starletts – Scarlett is a 9 month old girl from Weymouth who has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  Her parents are fundraising to purchase a special physio machine which will prolong her life by clearing the build up of fluids and mucus on a daily basis.  The fund has donated £500.00 towards their efforts and I am pleased to say they have almost reached the £8,500.00 required to buy the machine.

There is currently a raffle being run amongst the wargaming community which has some top notch prizes. This will also hopefully see some local clubs running some little events to pass us some £££!!!

Nicki's Hairdressers of Maud Road Dorchester are also running their regular charity raffle on behalf of the fund this year so Clan Burton are tapping into as many sections of the community as possible ;-)

As for training we have both managed some training sessions but sadly none together, due to work and little people so far we have to share training dates.  I am combining my training with some friends who are working towards three peaks this year so should see some more training time.  I have been dribbling over new kit and purchased a new jacket to replace my buffalo which has served me well for years but far too warm to keep up with Mr Daniels.

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