Sunday, 24 March 2013

Training and Fundraising Update

By Tommy Lillington

To say the last few weeks has been busy would be an understatement - it has been full on on all fronts , work , social and of course Kilimanjaro training and fundraising.

Both work work and social have seen me travelling up to London a fair bit so its been quite manic.


The weather has been and still remains very cold but the good news is that it didn't seem to put anyone off the training, in fact aside from my weekend walks a lot of the other guys have been walking like bilio in the weekend and some on consecutive days!! Brilliant.

Because of the cold weather I have used that as an opportunity to buy and try out some cold weather clothing I purchased at Great Western Camping in Dorchester, I've got to say I have felt warm as toast with my new Gloves, socks and thermal vest!!

From my perspective I've upped the midweek training to Include 2 circuits or 1 circuits and 1 swimming session or kettle bells. That combined with the weekend walking is working really well and I'm already feeling fitter or should I say knackered!!

We have started walking on Tuesday evenings now and its great fun ,because of the darker nights we are walking from Dorchester out to Stratton (Saxon Arms) back to the Sun Inn and into town its around 10 miles and yes I admit it does sound like a pub crawl its still very good training.

As with my last challenge the most enjoyable part is the banter with the rest of the crew it seems no matter who the walking group of the day is everybody seems to be in good spirits and they seem to be enjoying the company as much as I am.


From my perspective I've had a an amazing few weeks on the fundraising front and since my last blog I've had an amazing donation of £2000 from the Hangers Heroes Charity, this is a great organisation run by Nina and Roger Hanger which is there to provide help for small local charity's, and was my chosen cause last year when I did the three peaks.

On Wednesday 20th March I was guest speaker at a local farmers wives gathering near Blandford my speech was focused on the three peaks and the trials and tribulations of how an overweight unfit man (myself) got to the stage he could climb three mountains in three day days. I'm glad to say the speech was well received and in fact I have been invited back next year to do the same talk about Kilimanjaro!!

You can imagine my joy a couple of days latter to receive a lovely letter from the lady that organised it with also a cheque for £500 that combined with £60 the ladies raised on the raffle makes a total of £560 !! how amazing !! This takes my total raised so far to approximately £2700 excluding any gift aid.

Meanwhile my fellow fundraisers have not let the grass grow and they are already well into organising many events we went to a race night organised by Lee and Jaime Burton it was clear they put a lot of hard work into that night and it was great fun, with a total of £894 raised - fantastic!!

We are looking forward now to another weeks training and next weekends fundraising events, the hecklers ball on Good Friday and the legless walk on Easter Monday - Bring it on!!

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