Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 3: Machame Gate To Machame Camp

By Bethany Ansell

And they're off! This morning the lucky 13 started their climb from Machame Gate to Machame Camp at 3000m, where they will spend the night. At the time they set off the temperature was around 33°C with clear blue sky. Their guide from Private Expeditions lead them through the rain forest chanting 'Pole! Pole!' which means 'Slowly! Slowly!' to the first camp.

Upon reaching Machame Camp they were greeted by snacks, hot washing water, lots of tea and their tents all ready for them. They then had a chance to relax before dinner with banana crisp and Nutella for pudding! After this they will sleep under the stars and prepare themselves for Day 4: Machame Camp to Shira Camp.

This Morning

Before leaving this morning some of the climbers had time to give us one last update using the hotel's wi-fi. Tommy posted the following update from his phone with the caption 'OMG!' (no doubt this countdown had been on his phone for almost a year so it's only right that I share it with you):

In contrast, Tim went for the undersell with his post: "Today I am going for a walk!!".  As the official charity representative, Jack's thoughts turned to the fund: "That's it, I am off up Mount Kilimanjaro. I may be some time . Thanks again to all who got me here, and for The Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund for the amazing work it does to help others which is why I am here today."

Meanwhile Donna was thankful for the support already received from everyone at home : "Right folks this is it, if you hear from me before next Sunday I have failed in reaching the summit. Once again thanks to everyone that has supported me, you've all been fantastic. Thanks for all of the messages of support, you don't know how much it boosts my morale. We have got a really good team and I know we are gonna make it, we have spoken to people that have reached summit and have told us how fantastic and emotional it is, so until Sunday goodbye and good luck to all of the team xx". 

Finally Carole posted this photo of the team getting ready to leave:

Last Night

Nerves were at an all-time high last night but the lucky 13 were mostly excited as they prepared themselves for the challenge ahead. Here's what they had to say...

Tom: "Last night of relative comfort before the start of an enormous challenge - to be honest it can't be a lot more taxing than the flights here. We've eaten dinner, done some hardcore hydration, talked a lot, and we're all very excited. Can't wait to actually be on the mountain now. On a personal note, I'm missing Rachel and the furry little fellas a lot. See you all the other end. I expect the first gig when I'm back will be riotous. Come on then mountain, let's have you."

Jaime: "Ok so we have had a quiet day relaxing at the hotel. Everyone has butterflies. Off to sleep now and ready for 7am breakfast and off we go! No more wifi when we leave! We have all packed our mountain bags and set to go! I have had some FaceTime with James and Olivia and they are fab so bring it on Mount Kilimanjaro... I am ready for whatever you throw at me!!! OMG I'm nervous though. Night all xxxxx"

Barney: "Excited for the morning and the huge challenge ahead. It's been a nice relaxing day chilling with the crew. We have an early start tomorrow but we all (whether we like to admit it or not) cannot wait to get started. If I can I will post again before the week is up but you can follow our progress on the blog or private expeditions page. Wish the lucky 13 luck and we'll see you on the other side."

Tommy: "Ok so this maybe my last post for a while as for some reason my 3G isn't working so if I cannot post then please follow our progress through the other climbers or the blogs. We have now had our last supper and are just keen to get on with it I've never seen so much water being drunk at one meal!! Should start the climb tomorrow around 10ish your time - here we gooooo xx"

Lee: "One more sleep, force fed food down for dinner that I didn't want knowing it will come in handy. To date I have conquered Kilimanjaro water, Kilimanjaro beer, stared the mountain in the eyes (from the plane and hotel) tomorrow it will feel my boots!"

Ben: "Tomorrow is the big day, it's been a lovely day acclimatising. Now having a nice pre bed cup of tea with my roomy Tim Emberley and our neighbour Jane Massey. Then it's off to bed ...... It's gonna be a long old day ahead - feeling pumped."

If you would like to make a donation to The Steve Charles Help A Friend Fund, please click here.

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