Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 9: Back At The Hotel

By Bethany Ansell

Earlier today the climbers arrived back at the hotel in Moshi and have since been presented with their certificates. As you'd expect, we were inundated with updates from them as they re-entered the world of wi-fi. Here's what they had to say:

Carole: Conquered that mountain!! Probably THE hardest thing i have ever done!! Looking forward to a few days rest, then home to my lovely family! Thank you all for your love, support, sponsorship and belief xxxx

Ally: What an amazing adventure. Sad it's over but it was immense not sure it's sunk in thank you for your donations and support.

Tommy Lillington at the summit
Tommy: Ok so back in the land of the living and a phone signal!! I have to say that was the hardest thing both physically and mentally I have ever ever done!! Four days in all was going well until altitude sickness got me big time so on day five did a five hour walk to base camp throwing up at least a dozen times then followed by the 6 hour summit walk through the night feeling like I had nothing left before I even started!! That night was the hardest night of my life had to dig deeper than ever, but hey we got there in the end. The whole team were amazing we laughed and we cried boy did we cry sooo emotional but we did it - what an amazing team - thanks for the lovely messages guys : -) xxx

Barney: So.... It turns out I can climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after all!!! What an amazing week with amazing people. One that I will never forget!! Thank you to all that have supported my trek but most importantly the climbers that I have shared some amazing and very emotional experiences with!! Without their support and friendship, the climb would not have been possible!

Jaime and Lee Burton at the summit
Lee: Back in the hotel, drained!! But taking a lot away with me. We have all learnt a lot about ourselves, the team and we can all learn a lot from the mountain and those who work on her. Deep respect. Being ill on the first day of the climb was painful but with the help of the team I got through it!! Every team member had highs and lows and helped someone in some way!

Jaime: Back at the hotel! Wow that was the toughest most emotional thing I've ever done! But we did it! I couldn't have done it without Lee Burton! One step forward 2 steps back, and he stopped me falling over! I had a little nap on the way up in -10 so you can imagine how exhausted we all were! We have just had our certificates presented by private expeditions and all now heading for the showers. Such an emotional journey and I had to really dig deep to get to the top! Start flight home tomorrow and be back Tuesday morning. Laters! Xxx

Donna: Well I didn't make it to summit along with my fellow climbers, but I did make it to base camp! I'm now back at the hotel and about to hit the shower, as I well and truly smell quite badly. There has been an awful lot of tears ( mainly mine) but there has been a shed load of laughter, and if I hear anyone say that I've just come back off of holiday, I will personally shove their nose into my walking boots!! Lol can't wait to see my family and my buddies, luv u all xxx

Jack and Tom enjoying a well deserved rest back at the hotel
Tom: That's that then: I've climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Almost to soon to say how it feels (unbelievably tough), glad to be back at the hotel now. Cheers for all the support, sponsorship and love, you're all wonderful. Big hats off to my teammates especially, couldn't have done it without you.

Ben: Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my whole life, I am completely ruined. But what a sense of achievement. Couldn't have asked for such a great bunch of climbing buddies. Time for a few Beers I reckon xx

Lee's revenge for the photo Tommy sent us at the start of their adventure of Lee sleeping. Bless.

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  1. Would like to congratulate you all on one hell of an achievement... We can only begin to imagine what you all experieced..We have followed your every step and so pleased you all made it back down safely. .. The support back here has been truly amazing. .. Can't wait to see you all soon
    ( especially jack) ;) xx