Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Last Blog Post Before We Go

My 4 and 6 year old babies who are being very grown up about us going away!

So we have 2 more sleeps before we fly out to Kilimanjaro on Friday! What have I been doing to prepare? Well I have been using the altitude machine as much as possible. Its been hard to find an hour out of my day to sit down and breathe less air! The children often came with me and they asked many questions about the machine. Jack and Tanya have put up with an army of people coming through their house over the past few weeks to have a go...starting as early as 7am and me often being the last at 7pm! Thank you both for letting us all invade your home.

Jack and I decided we needed to stretch our legs one day so headed over to Maiden Castle for a quick 11k walk. It did decide to totally tip down with rain and we had to stop to get waterproofs on. This was the first time Jack had used his hood and it was very entertaining. It came right down over his eyes and he couldn't see a thing. I laughed the whole way round everytime I looked at him. My boots got totally caked in mud and they are still sat by the door waiting for me to clean them off!

We have all been using the altitude training machine as much as possible 
I have spoken to the children every day about the climb and explained Mummy and Daddy will be gone for 11 sleeps. We are taking them out for a treat after school on Thursday to Toys R Us and a meal out. I am very proud of my 4 and 6 year old babies who are being very grown up about us going away. 

So mentally I'm there and ready to climb. Although a slight set back is that I have not felt very well for a few days now with a cold threatening to take over...I have never taken so many tablets and odd remedies! I have just eaten a spoonful of Manuka Honey. YUK! So hopefully I can fight it off because if it decides to set in my chances of summit are very slim! Its hard enough to breath fit and healthy so having a simple little cold will almost defiantly result in problems. So I have everything crossed and hope I recover quickly.

A slight set back is that I have not felt very well for a few days now
We had our send off at Durnovaria on Monday and it was lovely to see so many people come and wish us well. It was a chance for me to say thank you to my big sponsors Read Woodruff Accountancy and Rhino Fencing. Thanks again for your amazing support over the year.

So this is it! Bags are almost packed and I start on malaria tablets tonight. One more day at work tomorrow and I am finally there. It has been a challenge just to get to the bus in the car park with all the fundraising and events over the year. Thank you by the way to everyone who came to the Christmas Party, it was such a great night. I hope to post a couple of Facebook statuses while I am gone and someone will get a call when I get to the keep your phone on Mum!

Good luck to everyone in the group. See you at the Top of Town car park on Friday at 2.30pm. To anyone who would like to sponsor me, please click here:

The Barranco Wall which we will be climbing over next Thursday I think!

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